The ESSENTIAL guido QuickStart Guide

The ESSENTIAL guido QuickStart Guide

The easiest way to get started quick with guido

Looking for some guidance on how to get started? Outlining your Subjects is a great start.

To start, we suggest creating Subjects with the assignees in mind!

  1. First, make Subjects that apply to everyone in the organization (i.e. Remote work policy, PTO procedures, etc.)
  2. Next, build Subjects for department-specific information (i.e. Monthly reports, building a website)
  3. Then, build Subjects for role-specific information (i.e. Payroll, audits, employee reviews)

This will help you create your content and assign it out in a squeaky clean, organized manner. 🛁

🎥 Please see the video below to watch the iPhone app login process in action: